OZ Expertise

We provide mechanical design expertise, utilising state of the art CAD simulation techniques; placing emphasis on prototype development to provide our clients and their customers with tangible functioning solutions. We contribute innovative ideas, CAD simulations, prototype development skills; knowledge and experience of materials, manufacturing technology and medical device requirements.

“I enjoy the practical design challenges of such an uncompromising exacting environment. I believe I have benefited greatly from working alongside medical professionals; being exposed to manufacturing/ quality issues and working broadly on many different systems.”

Rob Wozencroft, founder of OZ Design


We deliver detailed product specifications, design concepts, functioning prototypes, engineering drawings, CAD files for manufacture, technical reports, marketing support materials and design control documentation for regulatory compliance.

We have specific experience in these sectors:

Knee Tensor

Our tried and tested project planning and implementation system breaks down a project into manageable phases, with provision for review and reflection during and at the end of each phase. This allows flexibility, as subsequent phases may be redefined in the light of new information or ideas.